Videos with the

Gary Froiland Band 

Another of Gary Froiland's hobbies is photography, including 3D photography! The following video was filmed in 3D, so if you have
a 3D viewer for viewing 3D on your computer screen, you will see
this video that way. Here is a good one at a cheap price ($5 plus
$1 shipping), the Pixi 3D Viewer (Purple Pixi):
Here's where to order it:  
Below is Gary Froiland with his wife on bass and daughter on guitar:
Below is Joshua and Jessica Froiland acting out the song "Yodel Sweet Molly" as Gary Froiland does the singing, and daughter Jessica does the yodeling:
Below is the song "Charlie Brown" acted out by Gary Froiland's grandson Zachary:
Gary Froiland's wife Elaine joins him for the following "sweetheart song":
Below is the song "The Orange Blossom Special". Gary Froiland's son Joshua is featured on the fiddle with Gary doing the back-up instruments.
Gary Froiland wrote the following song about the old outhouse days!
The Circuit Riding Preacher is a part of our nation's history. These preachers would travel on a circuit, visiting new towns on the prairie every few months, and ministering to the pioneers who carved out a new life for themselves in this new land. Here is a piece of that story in song:
The following song is an old Bluegrass Standby "Salty Dog Blues". Gary is playing a washtub bass which was given to him by Dale Shafer. The washtub bass was made by Arlen Sloan of Saratoga, Iowa.
In the "Good Old Days" friends and neighbors would gather at a farm for a social gathering and old time barn dance/hoedown! It was the kind of fun on Saturday night that you didn't have to be ashamed of on Sunday morning! The song below depicts those days that are still alive at times.
The videos in the song are clips from years past at Heritage Park, Forest City, Iowa where there is still an old time barn dance Saturday night at their annual Steam Threshing Days!
It's fun to get different members of the family to join in with song, and
the following is Gary's mother LaVonne joining him by singing a song
she remembers her mother, Esther Kruger singing. 
The song "Dooley" is a standard old Bluegrass song about an old moonshiner. The Gary Froiland Jug Band is featured, and friends and family act out the song: