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Live Forever

   I invite you to take a trip with me that’s “out of this world”!
   I sing a song called “I’ll Fly Away”, and we WILL fly away some day, whether we’re still alive when Jesus comes back to this earth, or whether we have already died (1) .There’s more to this existence of ours than these few years of life in this world. God has created each person with a spirit, the part of our being which will live on forever after our body dies. This is recorded in a book called the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is the inspired writing of God (2), the Almighty Spirit which created all things that exist (3). Mankind was the greatest of God’s creations, but our first parents failed God by disobeying him (4). This was the first sin, and sin broke off our relationship with God, and brought physical death to each person (5). The Bible declares that we all have an appointment with death (6). We know this fact has been true of every generation. After death comes a judgement, when each of us must stand before this creator God and give account of our lives to him (7). God loved us and wanted to make a way for us to renew our relationship with Him. So he sent his son Jesus to die in our place, to shed his blood as payment for our sin (8). Jesus willingly did that. He was born on earth through human means 2000 years ago (9) and physically died on a cross (10). But he didn’t stay dead! (11) God’s power brought him back to life, and there were hundreds of witnesses who saw him alive! (12) He was also seen as he ascended up through the clouds back to heaven (13). His work on earth was done. His work was a work of salvation, that is, to provide you a way (through his sacrifice), to break loose from sin’s hold (14). God offers you a gift of pardon and freedom from sin. But like any gift, it can be received and accepted, or it can be refused. We cannot get to heaven by our own good works, the redeeming work has already been done by Jesus (15). It is God’s desire that you accept this gift (16). Sin separates us from God, and sin cannot enter heaven (17). All people will be judged some day, and according to the Bible, those who die in their sin will be thrown into a place of torment, called the Lake of Fire, or Hell (18). The way out of this mess is simple. If you trust Jesus as your Savior, he will forgive your sins, and his spirit will come to live in you, giving you NEW ETERNAL LIFE!
You must:         
   A. Admit you are a sinner (19).
   B. Believe that Jesus died for your sins on the cross (20).
   C. Confess your sins to God, being sorry for those past failures,
       desiring to turn from sin and begin a new life with God’s help (21).   
   By making this commitment, you are born into God’s family and you can be assured of a home in heaven when your life here is over (22). You are not saved by doing good works, you are saved by faith (23). Will you turn from sin, and by faith accept Jesus as your Savior, and begin the trip of a lifetime with a goal of heaven? The Bible says "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (24). We call on Him through prayer, and your prayer can go like this: 
   “Lord Jesus, I realize that I am a sinner, separated from you. I believe you died on the cross for me, taking my place to pay for the sin I have done. Please forgive my sins and make me a new person. Come into my life and be my Lord and Savior. Help me to grow in this faith and live each day for you. Thank you, Jesus, for what you have done for me, and when I die, please take me to heaven. In Jesusʼ name. Amen.”
   It is important that you begin to read the Bible to grow in your new faith (25). A good place to start is by reading the book of John, located in the second half of the Bible called the New Testament. It is also important to meet regularly with other believers in a church where the Holy Bible is preached (26). Let God bless you, and HAVE A NICE FOREVER!
   If you have any questions, you are welcome to give me a call
at 507-533-6910.
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